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32nd Alpbach Finance Symposium

This annual event offers a platform for approximately 500 entrepreneurs and CFOs of leading Austrian companies for exchanging views on current economic issues. In 2018 it takes place for the 32nd time.

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Assets Liability Management Handbook - 2nd Edition

The comprehensive reference book provides outright knowledge on the practice of asset-liability management, taking into account up-to-date regulatory requirements, including CRR II, IRRBB, and IFRS 9. The handbook is written in German and English, thus, technical terms can be looked up directly.

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What does certified mean?

Money and capital markets are getting more and more complex by the day. Common standards are therefore becoming ever more important. Finance Trainer has always been known for providing a deep and lasting understanding of financial knowledge. Finance Trainer*Certificates help to create transparent common standards that benefit certificate holders, their employers and, as a result, the entire financial market.

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ALMForum: Earnings Impact from Interest Risk Management in ALM

Interest rate risk management in Asset Liability Management / ALM - is it worth the effort? Does the interest rate risk have a significant effect on the bank‘s earnings? The supervisor says YES - intensifies the regulations and warns against rising interest rates. We also say YES - because every risk has also a potential to improve profits.

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