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Alpbach Finance Symposium

This annual event offers a platform for approximately 500 entrepreneurs and CFOs of leading Austrian companies for exchanging views on current economic issues. In 2016 it takes place for the 30th time.

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Vienna: 21. - 23.9.2015

Teams of participants are responsible for the asset liability management and manage the interest gap contribution and RoR of their bank, taking into account the prevailing framework and the influences of risk and return.

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Certification course for ALM Managers

Asset liability management does not only mean pure interest management but also comprises issues such as liquidity, credit portfolio management as well as equity management under Basel 2 and 3, ICAAP and IFRS.

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ALMForum No.19 – Details about CRR2

The ALMForum No. 19 focuses on the new rules for the treatment of funds under CRR2 with an overview in every chapter followed by a detailed description.

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