About Finance Trainer

Our goal is to make financial market theory applicable in practice; our passion is to make the numbers truly come alive – and this way convey financial market know-how and its uses to our customers.

Finance Trainer has been thriving on its expertise in treasury and asset liability management for more than 30 years now. We offer consistent and down-to-earth product and strategy implementation know-how. The ultimate goal is always the practical use of the know-how – in exams and certificates, but also in project results and budget targets.

Our methods are called Decision-making*Training (since 1986), Cyber*School (web-based training since 1997), certification programmes (since 2005), online simulation i28 (since 2018).

We are the training and implementation partner for regional and large banks in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and CEE with approx. 3.000 participants annually.

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