New from autumn 2020 also bookable in hybrid format

The seminar presents all prevalent money market products with a focus on
derivatives. In our famous PC simulations, teams of participants run a money
market book as traders. Taking into account market movements, legal requirements
and risk limits, they improve their trading strategies daily and their
decisions become increasingly clever and well-founded. In the end, the share
price determines the winning team.


  • Forward rate agreements and money market futures
    Valuation of micro and macro hedges, trading and closed trading positions,
    infl uence of the yield curve on trading possibilities, yield curve trading with
    forward rate agreements, arbitrage of FRAs and outrights
  • FX swaps
    Pricing, micro and macro hedges, computing and hedging the liquidity
    and/or foreign exchange tail risk of FX swaps, forward forward swaps and
    their use in interest risk managemen
  • Repos
    Market conventions, use of repos and their potential for the money market
    desk (equity requirements, credit risk and counterparty limits), comparison
    of repo strategies with deposit, FRA, OIS, (EONIA) and interest rate swap
    strategies, arbitrage opportunities
  • Interest rate swaps and cross currency swaps
    Using swaps to reduce fi nancing costs, coupon swaps, basis swaps, crosscurrency
    interest rate swaps, opportunities for arbitrage between IRS and
    FRA, counterparty and liquidity risk, partner limits for swaps, valuation of
  • Liquidity management
    Influence of liquidity risk contribution on the result in the money market
  • Basis risik in the money market book
    Measuring, managing and trading basis risks in the money market book
    Consequences of OIS/EONIA swaps for money market dealing strategies