Learning for the real world

The Finance Trainer courses offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art contents and its application in computer simulations.The acquired knowledge is immediately ready to be applied at the workplace.

Optimal start with the Cyber*Preparation

Each of our courses is preceded by a 4-week Cyber*Preparation. This way, the participants are able to prepare themselves thoroughly for the seminar in order to be ready at the word “go”

Practical orientation takes center stage

Finance Trainer courses are derived from the practice and designed for the practice. Our trainers are true-blue bankers and often work as consultants as well. Therefore, our case studies and scenarios stem from real banking practice which facilitates the seamless application of the seminar content in the participants‘ everyday work.

Making competent decisions

As in real life, teams of participants will make many decisions during the course of the seminar the consequences of which will become apparent in the computer simulation. Through the continuous theoretical input these decisions are becoming ever more informed. By combining learning and doing this creates a thorough understanding of the topic.

Storyboard learning

All our courses have a common theme, a “story”, that runs through the entire seminar. This can be the setting up of an optionsbook or the modelling of an asset liability management process. We are convinced that this teaching method is not only more fun but also helps participants to remember the learned material in a sustainable manner.

Decision*training – what did you like best

  • “The action was great”
  • PC simulation, structure of the option book, thinking in Greeks
  • Example calculations
  • Varied program (PC simulation + lecture)
  • Very clear examples
  • Good structure of the programme
  • Connection of theory and application
  • Good and pleasant seminar climate
  • Small seminar group
  • Practical relevance
  • PC-Simulation very descriptive
  • Comparison among banks by the participants possible
  • Simple explanation of the statistical basis
  • Competent lecture
  • Friendly, relaxed, competent presentation