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Prof. (FH) Dr. Richard Pircher in interview with Finance Trainer employee Sebastian Schoof

Market relevance and practical relevance

In asset/liability management, which unlike treasury has no international standard, transparent education and training including proof of knowledge is becoming increasingly important. The Finance Trainer ALM Standard builds on the manual “Asset Liability Management /Total Bank Management” (D/E).
The Finance Trainer Certificates “i28 Interest Risk Certificate“, “ALM Liquidity Management” and “ALM Total Bank Management” contribute to creating common knowledge and common standards for all those who interface with ALM.

The “ALM Diploma” sets the standard in demonstrating the practical ability as an independent ALM manager (m/f) to manage bank book positions, to develop the concept of effective transfer prices and to manage risks in ALM.

Common standards create trust and security

The scientific quality and practical relevance of Finance Trainer*Certificate programmes are guaranteed by the members of the  Advisory Board and our certification partners.
The supervised written certification exams are held at the premises of the Partner University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. Selected contents are also part of programmes of the Partner University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. This guarantees our examinees exams at university standards as well as earns them internationally recognised ECTS points.

Certificate Registry

In our Certificate Registry we list all graduates of our ALM certification and ALM*Diploma.