The comprehensive reference book provides outright knowledge on the practice of asset-liability management, taking into account up-to-date regulatory requirements, including CRR II, IRRBB, and IFRS 9. The handbook is written in German and English, thus, technical terms can be looked up directly.Look inside

The content comprises ICAAP Banking Book Control, Equity and Risk-/Return-Management on total bank level, detailed controlling of Interest-, Liquidity, FX-, and Credit Spread-Risks, the utilization of financial market instruments in the ALM, as well as Corporate Governance and Compliance on total bank level. Each chapter offers an overview of learning objectives, example calculations, a summary and review questions. The respective answers can be found at the end of the book.

“A highly recommendable textbook for Treasury and Liquidity Managers as well as for all financial practitioners. This second edition was updated with the latest regulatory requirements will help you master and understand the daily requirements and challenges by regulators and markets in an efficient and professional manner.”
Manfred Wiebogen, Hon President ACI Financial Markets Association

“The professional management of assets and liabilities is crucial for total bank management in the strict regulatory environment. The new edition of Finance Trainer Handbook ALM/Total Bank Management covers all aspects for managing the balance sheet: organization and management concepts, updated EU regulation CRD, CRR, and IRRBB, compliance, ICAAP, IFRS 9, ALM instruments and strategies. This comprehensive handbook is a valuable guide for professional bank managers.”
Elena Kohútiková, Deputy CEO VUB Banka, Bratislava

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