The Treasury Cyber*School offers comprehensive know-how on modern treasury. The intensive training of product know-how in the FX, money and capital markets forms one pillar. The increasingly important treasury environment comprising risk management and legal requirements is another important topic. This knowledge will help you to form transparent interdepartmental relations, thereby building a sound foundation for mastering the rising challenges in the treasury.

  • Money Market and capital market
    Terminology, conventions, pricing and use
  • Foreign exchange (FX)
    Terrminology, conventions, pricing and use
    Spot market, FX outrights, NDFs, FX swaps and FX forward swaps
  • Money market cash instruments
    Terminology, conventions, pricing and use
    Deposits, CDs, CPs, T-bills, repos, sell and buy backs
  • Derivates
    Terminology, conventions, pricing and use
    FRAs, Futures, EONIA Swaps, Interest Rate Swaps und Cross Currency Swaps
  • Capital market
    Terminology, conventions, pricing and use
    Bonds and bond futures
  • FX and Interest options
    Call, put, straddle, strangle, spreads, caps, floors, collars, swaptions and the most important exotic options
    Risk management, value at risk, risk limitation, limits
  • Treasury framework
    Legal regulations including the Capital Adequacy Directive (CAD)
    Technical and fundamental prognosis methods
    Central banks: objectives and instruments
    The ACI Model Code