Structured and efficient learning with the Cyber*School

The Cyber*School is a clearly structured learning tool where each participant works according to their individual pace. The particular chapters can be worked through on three different levels – depending on the extent of prior knowledge; the schedule sets learning milestones. The question-answer play in the actual course is complemented by a detailed script accessible to the Cyber*School participants.

The Cyber*School – a virtual classroom

Cyber*Students are not left to themselves when studying. A Cyber*Trainer devises a schedule for them, answers questions per e-mail or telephone and gives regular feedback. Via a benchmarking system Cyber*Students can see how they perform in comparison to their fellow students. This competitive factor, along with the encouragement offered by the Cyber*Trainer, is an important source of motivation.

Sustainable success through the Cyber*School

The experience of the last 10 years shows that students using the Cyber*School in order to prepare for exams such as the ACI Dealing Certificate have passed the exam with flying colours. This method enables students to learn systematically and individually depending on their strengths and weaknesses. The intensive work on a topic over 4 to 9 months and the active participation of the Cyber*Students brings sustainable knowledge beyond the exam day.

State-of-the-Art in Online Learning

The character of learning and teaching is changing. Increasingly universities and technical colleges use not only face-to-face teaching but also methods of remote learning. Thanks to its long experience Finance Trainer is setting standards in this arena.