Based on 25 years of financial markets experience, the Treasurer‘s Handbook offers comprehensive knowledge on treasury topics and aims to build a bridge between theoretical concepts and their practical implementation. The contents range from a description of the various money and capital market products, foreign exchange and options, the settlement process, an overview of the ACI Model Code, the basics of risk management through to information on central banks, fundamental and technical analysis. Further to a detailed description of the issues and regulations the many examples help to deepen the reader‘s understanding. The Handbook contains a formula annex and instructions to programme HP calculators as well as the answers to the test questions at the end of each chapter. The Treasurer‘s Handbook is written in both German and English language and thus offers a broad glossary and serves as a compendium for widely-used products, techniques and treasury rules.
The 2nd Edition is also available as e-book (formats: PDF, OL).

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Print version:    EUR 148 (incl. VAT.)
e-book version: EUR 118,99 (incl. VAT)

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