Licence to manage the Banking Book
Practice in Risk/ Earning Strategies and Compliance

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is much more than mere interest rate management; it comprises issues such as liquidity and credit spread management as well as equity management under the frameworks of Basel 2/3, ICAAP and IFRS.
Corporate governance implies that banks require verifiable knowledge of their asset liability management, the regulatory environment as well as risk policy and risk strategies of the bank. Otherwise, the board of management cannot delegate responsibilities within banking book management.
Practical implementation issues as well as meeting compliance rules for the Banking Book are the focus of this certification programme. New from autumn 2020 also bookable in hybrid format.

  • Module 1: ALM Cyber*School
    ALM Know How under Basel3
    Instruments for Interest-, FX-, Credit Spread Management
    Total Bank Management Instruments for Capital and long term liquidity
  • Module 2: ALM*Bank – Practice training (simulation)
    Managing Interest- and Liquidity Risk
    Competitive and compliant Transfer pricing and modelling
  • Module 3: Advanced ALM*Bank – Extendes practice (simulation)
    ALM Instruments for Managing return and risk
    Strategies under Risk-Restricitions (Going- and Gone-Concern Limits)
    Total Bank Management within the ICAAP framework
  • Module 4: Case Studies & University Certification Exam
    Application of the acquired knowledge in case studies
    ALM Management using instruments and consideration of valuation rules and the regulatory Framework
    Exam coaching. Exam at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna

CALM build-up programme

You can complete the Certified Asset Liability Manager through our new build-up programme.

The build-up programme gives you the chance to book each module individually. Completed modules are creditable for 5 years.

The total package offers you a 10% discount on the modules of the total programme and can be completed in 2 years.

The prices are valid for the business year 2020. Errors, misprints and price changes excepted.