Certification sets standards and creates verifiable knowledge! The Syllabus is audited and approved by our advisory board, which consists of independent leading representatives of the financial industry and academics. A written examination is required to obtain the certificate. This is taken together with our partner university (University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna). ECTS* points can be credited within the framework of a Master’s or Executive Programme.

Case Studies & University Certification Exam is the last module on the way to becoming a Certified ALM Manager.

Case Studies: ALM-Strategies 2 days

Combination of the acquired knowledge in case studies:

  • Solution of ALM tasks using instruments, strategies and taking into account valuation rules and legal frameworks.
  • Taking IFRS valuation into account in ALM management
  • Practical Training Equity Management
  • Case studies of the overall bank management
  • Exam coaching

Exam and certification: 3 hours

  • Written certification exam at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna

Preparation module:

  • ALM Cyber*School
    ALM knowledge under Basel 3
    Interest rate, FX and credit instruments
    Instruments of total bank management (Equity capital, long-term liquidity)
    Legal framework (EU) and Compliance
  • Modul 1: ALM*Bank – Practical training (simulation)
    anagement of interest rate and liquidity risks;
    Use and Function of Transfer Prices
  • Modul 2: Advanced ALM*Bank – Advanced ALM Management (Simulation)
    Application of ALM instruments to manage risk and return
    Limitations under net present value and IFRS evaluation criteria
    Optimizing the risk / return ratio in the ICCAP process.