Do you want to book the individual modules independently of each other?

You want to have already attended modules credited?

Then the CALM build-up programme (NEW) is tailor-made for you.

The new CALM build-up programme means theory and practice in 4 modules up to university certification:

  • Module 1: ALM Cyber*School ALM Know How under Basel3
    Instruments for Interest-, FX-, Credit Spread Management
    Total Bank Management Instruments for Capital and long term liquidity
  • Module 2: ALM*Bank – Practice training (simulation) Managing Interest- and Liquidity Risk
    Competitive and compliant Transfer pricing and modelling
  • Module 3: Advanced ALM*Bank – Extended practice (simulation) ALM Instruments for Managing return and risk
    Strategies under Risk-Restricitions (Going- and Gone-Concern Limits)
    Total Bank Management within the ICAAP framework
  • Module 4: Case Studies & University Certification Exam Combination of the acquired knowledge in case studies: Solution of ALM tasks using instruments, strategies and taking into account valuation rules and legal frameworks. Exam coaching. Written certification exam at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna.

Module 1 bis 3 are independent and can be booked individually.

You have already completed one of the modules in the last 5 years?

Then book the next module in the CALM build-up programme with a price advantage and come one step closer to your certification. Example:

Have you already completed 2 modules?

Then the CALM build-up programme offers you an even greater price advantage for the next module and you are just about to be certified. Example:

ALM Certification: Build-up programme

Completed modules are creditable for 5 years.

You can still book the Certified Asset Liability programme as a complete package. The total package offers you a 10% discount on the modules of the total programme and can be completed in 2 years.

The prices are valid for the business year 2020. Errors, misprints and price changes excepted.