• The participants develop an understanding of the content, legal requirements and bank-internal consequences of Pillar 2 requirements of the Basel / CRR and CRD requirements.
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Content of the Banking Regulation: “ICAAP/ILAAP Implementation “Mobile APP

  • Pillar 2
    Goals and contents of ICAAP in the Basel regulations, goals and responsibilities of the supervisory authority in the Supervisory Review Evaluation Process (SREP), guidelines for the internal risk measurement in ICAAP and ILAAP. Additional capital requirements via SREP add-ons and relationships with Pillar 1 requirement
    ICAAP objectives, scope and principles, ICAAP risk categories to be taken into account, economic and normative risk perspective, risk measurement guidelines for the risk categories, guidelines and   consequences for taking proportionality into account in risk measurement, interactions between ICAAP and SREP, responsibility of the management body
    ILAAP goals, scope and principles, guidelines for the economic and normative risk perspective in liquidity risk measurement, guidelines and consequences for considering proportionality in risk measurement, guidelines for the allocation of liquidity costs, consequences of liquidity cost allocation in customer and risk business, guidelines for risk escalation processes, interrelationships between ILAAP and SREP,  responsibility of the management bodys