• The participants get to know the bank in the field of tension between risk business, regulation and customer business and thus develop an understanding of the tasks, goals and responsibilities in risk management. On the one hand, the framework specified by the legislator is drawn up, on the other hand, the concrete implementation in the bank and the sticking points in the implementation are shown.
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Content of the Mobile APP Banking Professional “Risk Management”:

  • Framework
    Banking functions, banking products and the bank-specific risk indicators. Current legal provisions (Pillar 1 and Pillar 2) and their consequences for the management of bank-specific risks, position of risk business in the bank organization, functional separation of the front and back office
  • Total Bank Management
    The concept of total bank management. The central role of transfer prices in the risk management philosophy. Tasks, competences and responsibilities in the risk business. Role of ALM and ALCO in risk management. Risk limits and earnings controlling
  • Risk business
    State of the art methodology for measuring market, liquidity and credit risk. Requirements for efficient risk management. Sticking points and approaches in the implementation of interest, liquidity and credit risk management