• The Banking Professional: “Customer Business” is available to you as a Mobile APP on your smartphone at any time.
  • With the Mobile APP from Banking Professional “Customer Business”, you can process content that is new or refreshed for you, regardless of time and place
  • The Banking Professional: Customer Business Mobile APP  is operated with our technology partner Institute of Microtraining (IoM). IoM specialises in compact and digital training.
  • Participants learn to understand the bank in the conflicting fields of risk and return and to evaluate the impact on the customer business as well as on risk management.

Content of the Mobile APP Banking Professional “Customer Business”

  • Total bank management
    Philosophy of total bank management / key figures and their interpretation / the central role of transfer prices in the steering philosophy / seperation of responsibilities and consequences for profitability accounting / risk and customer controlling
  • Framework conditions
    Bank functions, bank products, balance sheet and income statement as well as the bank-specific key figures / How financial markets work and how central bank policy works
  • Customer business and sales controlling
    Bank Controlling instruments / phased contribution margin calculation with its individual components and interpretations for ex post and ex ante calculation / principles for setting interest and liquidity transfer prices / standardised risk costs, P&L value adjustments and default costs in the calculation / calculation of equity costs, interpretation and assumptions / unit costs