• The aim of the training is to understand liquidity risk management in asset liability management / balance sheet management easily and well. After graduation, you will be able to process ALM measures for your own area. The interpretation of ALM relevant liquidity risk reports will be possible without help.
  • ALM Professional: the topic “Liquidity risk” is available to you as a Mobile APP on your smartphone at any time.
  • With ALM Professional’s Mobile APP “Liquidity risk”, you can use the Mobile APP from ALM Professional to specifically process content that is new to you or needs refreshing, regardless of time and place.
  • ALM Professional’s Mobile APP “Liquidity risk” is operated with our technology partner Institute of Microtraining (IoM). IoM is specialised in compact and digital training.

The ALM Professional – “Liquidity risk” Mobile APP includes following chapters:

  • Organization and tasks of asset and liability management
    The ALM and the total bank management in the business model of a bank. Tasks and organization. Risk measurement and risk capital, CRD / CRR: Pillar 1 and Pillar 2, ICAAP/ILAAP, LCR and NSFR, content and consequences of contingency funding plans
  • Pillars of liquidity management
    Reporting and execution of an ALM meeting, legal provisions on liquidity risk, transfer prices – methodology, presentation of the liquidity risk position – mapping and gaps, overall bank risk contributions, liquidity and the influence of liquidity costs on the customer result, Liquidity buffer costs and NSFR additional costs in the calculation, liquidity limits, consequences ILAAP, interfaces Liquidity risk and contingency funding plan
  • Liquidity management implementation Managing and steering possibilities for LCR / NSFR, management tools of liquidity risk in foreign currencies, managing the securities portfolio taking into account the liquidity buffer function of the securities