Due to ever more complex instruments and procedures the ACI Operations Certificate is a very important qualification for working in a treasury back office. The Finance Trainer Cyber*School is the optimal preparation for this internationally approved ACI exam.
Successful completion of the official exam earns the title “ACI OC”.

  • Definition of treasury activities
    Tasks of trading desk and back office
  • Back office processes for treasury products
    Time order, organisational process, straight through processing (STP)
  • Confirmation process
    Types, requirements, time, automation
  • Netting
    Basic principles, methods, pros and cons, documentation, systems
  • Clearing and payments systems
    Gross versus net settlement, the most important clearing and settlement systems in EUR, USD, GBP and JPY
  • Nostro accounts
    Cash management, chronology of reconciliation process, the nostro banks
  • Risk-related aspects in the settlement process
    Rules and regulations applicable in the fields of lending, settlement, liquidity risk and money laundering
  • Treasury framework
    Compliance with and control of the settlement process: impact of central bank policies (e.g. minimum reserves)
    Basic knowledge of FX instruments and derivatives as well as repos
    Basic principles of financial mathematics