The ACI Dealing Certificate is increasingly becoming a standard requirement in the treasury. This certificate is recognised worldwide and attests to the holder’s mastery of the fundamental instruments and structures of a modern treasury. As the “licence to deal” it is therefore a must for every trader. With a pass rate of about 86% the Finance Trainer Cyber*School is an optimal preparation for this international ACI exam. Successful completion of the official exam earns the title “ACI DC”.

  • Financial mathematics
    Interest calculation methods and conversions in the money and capital markets, interpolation, computing discount rates, interest yield curves, forward rates, present and future values
  • Cash money market instruments
    Deposits, bills of exchange, treasury bills, CDs, CPs, repos, margin calculations, cash flows
  • Foreign exchange
    Spot and crosses, outrights, FX swaps, forward/forward and precious metals
  • Short-term interest derivatives
    FRAs, futures, money market swaps, OIS, arbitrage strategies, correlations between instruments
  • Options
    FX and interest options: inherent value and MTM, meaning of delta, gamma, vega and theta, delta hedging, options strategies
  • Risk factors
    Credit, market, liquidity and operational risk: risk capital, risk components of the relevant instruments, CLS, collaterals, netting, limits and VaR; Basel 2/3 regulations (equity eligibility, equity requirements for credit and market risks, LCR/NSFR, leverage ratio, pillar 2 requirements)
  • Asset & Liability Management (ALM)
    Role of ALM in the overall bank organisation; the use of transfer prices for liquidity and interest risk management in ALM, duration, gap reporting, duration gaps, re-pricing gaps