ALM & Banking

  • Advanced ALM*Bank

    Basel 4 and new EBA guidelines for the ALM; Managing interest rate- and liquidity risk under new regulatory restrictions

    English 04 to 06 November 2019


  • ALM Cyber*School

    ALM knowledge under Basel 3 Part of the ALM certification course

    Start on any first of the month


  • ALM Professional – Module Interest Rate

    Active knowledge in small and relevant portions

    Start on any first of the month


  • ALM*Bank

    Managing interest and liquidity risk; Total return as a stepping stone from VaR to money at risk

    English 23 to 25 September 2019


  • Asset Liability Management Handbook (2nd Edition)

    The comprehensive reference book provides outright knowledge on the practice of asset-liability management


  • Banking Cyber*School

    Understanding the core principles of bank management; Thinking and acting in a bank-oriented way

    Start on any first of the month


  • Certified ALM Manager

    Certified Asset Liability Manager training course; Compliance in banking book management


  • i28 – the interest Risk Simulation

    Digital educational game - always online

    Start on any time