Our methods


Our trainers are true-blue bankers and often work as consultants as well. Using computer simulations, case studies and scenarios students delevop the ability to make competent decisions in their professional lives. More


The Cyber*School is a virtual classroom designed for self-directed efficient learning. When questions arise a Cyber*Trainer is always at hand to provide support per email or phone and gives regular feedback. More


Finance Trainer Certificates are a practitioners qualification backed by the Advisory Board of the Finance Trainer Research Institute. It is composed of leading experts from industry and academia and vouches for practical relevance as well as high academic standards. More


Our symposia provide a perfect setting for learning and networking. More


Together with our customers we develop new concepts and implementation strategies tailor-made to the individual customer‘s requirements. Throughout the years we have gained a reputation for staying the course until „it works“. More

Inhouse programmes

We offer inhouse programmes tailor-made to the unique requirements of your bank. These training offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio whenever you need to train a medium-sized group of employees in the field of financial markets. More