Inhouse programmes

Blended learning

Tailor-made inhouse programmes are an important part of our product range. They offer a unique set of benefits in the following areas:

  • Introduction of new topics, products or reporting systems throughout the entire bank, based on your terminology and concepts
  • Simultaneous or quasi simultaneous training across multiple locations (especially for international banks)
  • Blended learning of up to 100% virtual training on our e-collaboration platform
  • Professional implementation support for treasury and ALM projects, including workshops and moderation

Our training methods include Decision-making*Trainings, Cyber*School trainings and certification programmes. For market-oriented training, such as corporate sales training, we also offer after training support to guarantee implementation efficiency.

Our inhouse offers are very cost-efficient whenever you need to train a medium-sized group of employees in the field of financial markets using advanced training methodologies.

All our standard and inhouse training modules are available in the German and English languages.

Inhouse programmes – examples

  • Treasury
  • ALM