Our classroom seminars will become HYBRID: This means that a full DIGITAL seminar can also be attended in parallel with the LIVE seminar. The DIGITAL seminar is for those who cannot be on site and for those who prefer this variant.

Our hybrid seminars combine the features of a face-to-face and online event into a new format that takes place simultaneously and across locations. This creates a completely new training experience and the dynamics of a classroom course are preserved.

The online participants of our Hybrid*Seminars use a collaboration platform. All you need is a PC with a browser and an Internet connection, a headset and ideally a webcam.

We use specially developed and adapted high-quality audio and video technology in the classroom. It ensures that communication between all parties involved is pleasant and trouble-free.

The online participants hear both the trainer and all other course participants speak. They will see the material presented by the trainer and a video image of the course room. Online participants are virtually included in the course and their sound is transmitted via loudspeaker. So everyone can communicate with everyone in a simple way – just as if all participants are physically present in the room.

At seminars in which we use our computer simulations, the online participants are divided into virtual group rooms and use the Finance Trainer simulation software. The practical implementation of the learned theory, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years, is by that mean supported in the hybrid form.