ACI Diploma Cyber*School

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    ACI Diploma Cyber*School

    The current format of the ACI Diploma (ID 3I0-009) will be offered by the ACI again.
    This very efficient way of preparing for the ACI Diploma is continuously updated to cover the latest developments in the syllabus and in the ACI examination methods. The Cyber*School is tried and tested, incorporating our longstanding experience from numerous ACI Diploma Colleges with the best pass rates worldwide. The actual test situation is simulated by means of mock tests which model the scope, content, question technique and assessment methods of the actual exam. With more than 2,000 questions participants undergo effective training and obtain a reliable assessment of their readiness to take the exam.
    Successful completion of the official exam earns the title "ACI Dipl.".

    • Foreign Exchange
      Spot, Crosses, Outrights, NDF, FX swaps, Forward/forward Swaps, Time Options: Terminology, conventions, pricing and strategies using the products, FX tail risk
    • Money Market Instruments
      Interbank deposits, bills of exchange, certificates of deposit, commercial papers, repos and sell and buy backs: Terminology, conventions, pricing and strategies using the products
    • Fixed Income products
      Terminology, conventions and price influence factors of bonds, yield to maturity, duration, asset swap pricing, zero curve calculations
    • Short term interest derivatives
      FRA, money market futures, money market swaps, OIS: Terminology, conventions, pricing and strategies using the products, strip calculations, convexity effects, arbitrage strategies
    • Options
      FX and interest options: Terminology, conventions, pricing and strategies using the products, call/put parity, break-even calculations, delta hedges, Greeks and their interpretation, exotic options
    • Risk Management
      Legal restrictions (Basel I/II, Capital adequacy directive), VaR calculations and interpretations, consequences of netting and clearing agreements
    • Fundamental and technical analysis
      Central Bank Policies (ECB, Fed, BoE, SNB, BoJ)
  • Target group

    • Treasury professionals seeking an internationally recognised certification of their skills and performance
  • Scope

    • Interactive study based on approx. 2,540 questions, answers and explanations
    • Approx. 570 pages of documentation
    • Corresponds to an 18-day seminar
  • Details

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ACI Diploma Cyber*School

€ 2,500 (excl. VAT)

Corresponds to an 18-day seminar.

Can be completed within 6-9 months using any computer or tablet PC with Internet access.
Start on any first of the month.

Treasurer's Handbook (2nd Edition)

The Treasurer's Handbook (2nd Edition Linde 02/2013, by Enthofer/Haas) is included in the price. (1,280 pages, bilingual (English/German) is a reference book as well as a workbook and business glossary.

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