Certified ALM Manager

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    Certified ALM Manager

    Licence to manage the Banking Book
    Practice in Risk/ Earning Strategies and Compliance

    Asset Liability Management (ALM) is much more than mere interest rate management; it comprises issues such as liquidity and credit spread management as well as equity management under the frameworks of Basel 2/3, ICAAP and IFRS.
    Corporate governance  implies that banks require verifiable knowledge of their asset liability management, the regulatory environment as well as risk policy and risk strategies of the bank. Otherwise, the board of management cannot delegate responsibilities within banking book management.
    Meeting compliance rules for the Banking Book and practical implementation issues are the focus of this certification programme.

    • ALM Cyber*School
      ALM  Know How under Basel3
      Instruments for Interest-, FX-, Credit Spread Management
      Total Bank Management Instruments for Capital and long term liquidity
    • On-site modul 1: ALM*Bank - Practice Training (Simulation)
      Managing Interest- and Liquidity Risk
      Competitive and compliant Transfer pricing and modelling
    • On-site modul 2: Advanced ALM*Bank - Extended Practice (Simulation)
      ALM Instruments for Managing return and risk
      Strategies under Risk-Restricitions (Going- and Gone-Concern Limits)
      Total Bank Management within the ICAAP framework
    • On-site modul 3: Case studies and exam preparation
      Application of the acquired knowledge in case studies
      ALM Management using instruments and consideration of valuation rules and the regulatory Framework
      Exam coaching
  • Target group

    • ALM staff wishing to have their knowledge certified
    • Treasury staff wishing to branch out into ALM
    • Finance department staff in charge of ALM tasks (e.g. transfer prices, valuation, liquidity)
    • Staff from risk management, controlling and auditing in charge of ALM tasks
    • Current/future members of ALM committees
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    • Cyber*School
      Course-long Cyber*Trainer supported online course during which participants acquire the theoretical foundations at their individual level of need and at their own pace
    • Seminars
      Two on-site courses (ALM*Bank, Advanced ALM*Bank) during which the acquired knowledge is practically applied in computer simulations
    • Case Studies and exam preparation
      ALM Strategies

Certified ALM Manager

€ 6,800 (excl. VAT)

The ALM / Total Bank Management Handbook

The handbook ALM / Total Bank Management (New Edition Linde, 2018 by Enthofer/Haas) is included in the price. (1,350 pages, bilingual (English/German) is a reference book as well as a workbook and business glossary.

Next dates for the individual modules:
Cyber*School: starts one month prior to the first module

23 - 25 September 2019

Advanced ALM*Bank:
04 - 06 November 2019

ALM Strategies & Exam:
09 - 11 December 2019

Cyber*School online; 
Practice Trainings and exam in Vienna

Partner university
University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna

Further information
For further information please contact Ms. Helma Bendziula at bendziula@financetrainer.com

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